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A free, at home, consultation where we come out to you in order to personally inspect the future deck area. We'll do all of the hard work, so that you don't have to!

The Advantages of a Deck
Many homeowners don't consider expanding their home into their back or front yard, but doing so has many benefits:

  • Boost Value of Home

    The cost of installing a deck will largely depend on the size of the deck and material you use. However, most homeowners will recoup nearly 70% of the cost to build a deck after they have sold their home. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Decks come in a variety of colors and finishes. With all of the design options, we will ensure that your new deck will fit with your home's overall design. you can likely paint or stain the deck to complement your home’s current design. 

  • More Living Space

    When you add patio furniture, bird feeders, and potted plants, decks also provide a place to enjoy nature on your property. Most decks have usable space underneath them as well. This area is an ideal place to store outdoor equipment that may otherwise clutter your yard or garage.

  • Great for Entertaining

    Decks are a great place to throw summer parties, barbecues, and family get-together. Our designers are experts in creating a deck with accommodations which focus on a great environment combined with practical use.

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