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Discover a new lifestyle with a custom home remodel

With over a decade of success in the industry, Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build has become the go-to experts in home remodeling in Warwick and the nearby area. Our team is made up of dedicated designers, project developers, and craftsmen, who are ready to give you the home renovation you’ve always dreamed of. We are highly skilled, have the best equipment, and implement time-tested methods to ensure your preferences and needs are met. Kickstart your home remodel and reap the benefits of our seamless service.

Why other home remodeling companies in Warwick can’t compare?

We’re an award-winning home remodeling company specializing in sophisticated design and expertise-based craftsmanship. Our team has garnered numerous accolades, all thanks to our attention to detail, punctuality, and precision. We use the latest technology and a wide range of the most durable materials on the market to render complex whole-home remodels. Schedule your in-home consultation to get acquainted with our process.

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Whether you’re searching for inspiration, or already have a concept already in mind, you can tru our virtual design tool to get a glimpse of what your project will look once completed. Explore a wide array of designs and materials for your:

  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Backsplash

A seamless and hassle-free process for your house remodeling

Years of experience and success have enabled us to develop a unique process that ensures a stress-free experience for our clients in Warwick and the region.

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First, we’ll perform an on-site assessment and have a chat about your expectations and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before my home renovation can begin?

Before you embark on a project of this magnitude, consider what a large-scale project such as a whole-home remodel entails. Follow these steps: 

  • Set a realistic budget and its limits
  • Consult with specialists about your concept
  • Draw up a timeline for the completion of the project
  • Ensure the design is in tune the original architectural style

Get in touch with our general contractors in Warwick and the area to set up an in-home consultation. They’ll walk you through the entire process and help you develop a straightforward course of action.

How long does a whole house remodel take?

How long your home improvement project may take depends on the specifics of your home in Warwick, such as:

  • The square footage of the house
  • How long it takes to get necessary permits
  • The type of home renovation
  • Weather conditions during construction

Once we do an on-site examination, we’ll be able to design a project timeline and the duration of the construction work. Schedule your appointment today!

How much does it cost to remodel a home?

The total price of a custom home remodel can vary and depends on several key factors. These include: 

  • Complexity and scope of work
  • Type of materials used
  • The number of workers involved
  • Type of equipment used
  • Location of the home

The best way to get a sense of the budget necessary to undertake such a project, is by booking an in-house consultation with our team. Once they’ve examined your house in Warwick and gotten to know your preferences and requirements, our experts will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the costs.

Who are the leading whole home remodeling contractors in Warwick, RI & the vicinity?

With over a decade in the industry, Northeast Kitchen Remodel & Design Build is renowned for trustworthy and award-winning custom home remodeling contractors in Rhode Island. We boast a team of the finest designers, project developers, and construction workers, rendering comprehensive projects throughout the region. Our services can be found in nearby communities, including: 

Let our team get to work, while you relax with friends at Oakland Beach or take your kids for a fun time at Crescent Park Looff Carousel. Book an appointment today!